Snuffle Mat FAQs

 1. What's a snuffle mat?

A snuffle mat is a brain game made for our four legged friends. The snuffle mat is an interactive feeding toy that challenges your pet while also slowing them down at mealtimes. Dogs bury their head in the mat as they hunt for special treats. The mat has woven fleece strips knotted throughout that serve as hiding spots for pieces of kibble or treats.

2. How do I use a snuffle mat?

It's exactly what it sounds like.. a scavenger hunt for your fur baby! Stretch the mat out to drop and hide kibble or treats between the fleece strips. After you have hidden kibble or treats in the snuffle mat, allow your pet to begin their adventure! They will absolutely enjoy finding little pieces of food in the nooks and crannies of the mat.


3. Why does my fur baby need a snuffle mat?

Your fur baby needs a snuffle mat like... yesterday! Before dogs were domesticated and hand-delivered  tasty meals in a bowl, they had to work for their food. That means they had to use their sense of smell.. A LOT. From tracking prey by their scent to sniffing out berries on a shrub – without their powerful nose, your dog’s ancestors would have starved. While your spoiled fur baby may no longer need to sniff out his next meal, he hasn’t lost those instincts.

4. How does the snuffle mat help my dog?

Think of a snuffle mat as a gym. Only instead of working out your dog’s muscles, it works out its nose! Dogs' sense of smell is powerful and should be "exercised." The snuffle mat is a perfect way to get those reps in!

5. How do I teach my dog to use a snuffle mat?

For dogs that are new to nose work or scavenger hunts, let him watch you sprinkle some of his kibble on top of the mat. Once he successfully finds the first round, sprinkle some on top and bury some deeper into the mat. As he becomes better at finding his food, bury more and more of it at the bottom of the mat while he’s not looking.

6. Do I need to use the snuffle mat every day?

Absolutely not! The snuffle mat is versatile because it can be used to feed complete meals or it can be used as a reward or game! It is totally up to you... but since this is such a fun activity we're sure your pooch will be beggin' for it daily!

7. What kind of food should I use with the snuffle mat?

You can use almost any dry dog food in the scavenger mat. Because it's made with fabric, the snuffle mat isn't well-suited for use with wet or raw food.

8. How do I take care of the snuffle mat?

After each use, roll up the mat and store it. Wash the mat on a gentle cycle and dry it in the dryer on low once or twice a month, as needed.

9. Will my dog have fun?

Definitely! When using the snuffle mat encourage your friend and  cheer him or her on. Our favorite things to say are “Yeah! Good job! Find some more!”

10. Wait.. Will I also have fun?

You'll have the most fun cheering on your pooch as they dive in and get lost looking for and finding delicious buried treasure! There's just no prouder #DogMom or #DogDad moment quite like it! 

11. Umm.. I don't have a dog, can cats and mini pigs use the snuffle mat

Of course! The more the merrier! Our snuffle mat is suitable for all four legged friends.